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Family Crossfires Intergenerational Ministry

Welcome To The Page Which Takes You To All
Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries
United Intergenerational Ministry Resources

Offering Prevention and Healing

Saving Earthly Lives by bring Generations to Christ,
for Faith, Forgiveness, and Salvation.

For Church Families:

UIM Worship Services

UIM Sunday School Lessons

UIM Vacation Bible School Programs

UIM Fun Education Programs

UIM Retreats

UIM Congregations Outreach (Inactive and New Members)

UIM Prevention and Healing Books

SPECIAL: UIM Programs and Lessons for All Occasions

REPRODUCIBLE Newsletter Articles and Bulletin Inserts

For School Families:

"Faith and Family" School Newsletter

Student Lead Chapel

Fun Education Programs

UIM Prevention and Healing Books

Christian Pumpkin Party, with Carols


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