United Intergenerational Ministry
Sunday School Lessons

Created "by" Sunday Schools
"for" Sunday Schools!

For over six years
St. Paul Stony Hill Lutheran Church, Shawano, WI
and Zion Lutheran Church, Gresham, WI
have helped to create and been blessed by UIM SS

NOW they are inviting you to join them!

    UIM SS:

  • Breaths Life into Sunday School Lessons
  • Overflows with interactive learning activites to help assure that what is taught is "caught".
    UIM SS can be offered in two ways.
    (1) Invite Your Entire Congregation
    (2)Divide existing SS Classes into United Intergenerational Family Groups. Use existing teachers and helpers to complete the generations.
    After You Decide Which Way You Will Offer UIM SS:
  • divide those who attend into family groups of 5 to 8, with no more than 10.
  • stay in the same room and work with family groups at separate tables, OR move into classrooms.
    To offer UIM SS in classrooms:
  • you will need a teacher to become a large group leader for each classroom, just as you do for traditional SS classrooms.
  • Classrooms can be one family group, or several family groups.
  • You can meet as a large group for the Opening and then proceed to Classrooms, returning to do a the craft as a large group, if you desire.
  • The Opening could include the Opening Song, Opening Activity and even the Bible Story, as you desire.
    Also, you can offer UIM SS:
  • every week, once or twice a month, or several times a year.
  • to your entire congregation every time or only at certain times.
  • by combining several classes, at special times throughout the year, and even invite the parents and extended families of these classes.

For More Information on how to Offer UIM SS in Classrooms Click Here

UIM Sunday School Lessons are provided FREE through the generous donations of God's people given to Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries.This ministry works to reunite and strengthen generations through the wisdom and power of God's Word, specifically to help prevent the problems and tragedies caused by a serious and growing lack of generational support.

Your FREE WILL OFFERING or PERSONAL DONATION will help to provide more UIM Resources to congregations, just like yours!

Thank You and God Bless you for taking a FREE WILL OFFERING and sending it to:
Family Crossfires, Inc.Ministries
W9318 Oak Ave.
Shawano, WI 54166-6239

50 Minutes LESSONS

Each Lesson Includes:Interaction and Activity!

  • Opening Song:to help introduce the lesson.
  • Opening Activity/ Ice Breaker: to help introduce and set generations at ease.
  • Active Prayer / Litany: to generate enthusiasm and ask for God's help and strength to learn and carry out what is taught!
  • An Interactive Lesson: Generations participate in and learn from together.
  • A "fun" Lesson Application Activity:to instill understanding of the lesson.
  • God's Word for Today and a "fun" Application Activity: to help generations understand and inwardly digest God's Word.
  • A Teachable Craft: which helps generations enjoy and help each other, as they work and play together.
  • A Take Home Activity: designed to help generations take home and practice what they learn in each Lesson.

PLEASE NOTE: Instructions for Crafts and a list of supplies needed for each Craft are given in each UIM SS Lesson.
HOWEVER, supplies for each Craft need to be purchased separately .
Some craft supplies can be gathered from congregations to help make them part of UIM SS: margarine tubs, paper towel rollers, etc.

Ordering Information

WHEN YOU ORDER: You receive One Quarter of UIM SS or one Series via the US Mail in a 3-ring binder with reproducibles in plastic protectors.

BECAUSE OF THE HIGH COSTof printing and mailing UIM SS Series we want to offer information on this web page which will help congregations decide if UIM SS will work in their Sunday School


PLEASE BE SURE to Review Sample Lessons provided on this web page to make sure you will be able to use them in your congregation.


(1)Please CLICK HERE To read: An Introduction to United Intergenerational Ministry Sunday School.

(2) You may request additional UIM SS Lessons for review and use.
Simply e-mail:Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries(You will receive Lessons to review, via your e-mail as attachments in pdf. files.You will need acrobat reader)

UIM SS for 2004-2005
focuses on....
"Character Building"

For an Outline of WINTER UIM Series 13

"Refreshing Helpfulness and Caring”

Click Here

To review Lesson One from Series 13
Click Here

Come back and visit again!
Check out MORE UIM SS 2004-2005

Spring - (Mar-Apr-May): Series 14:
“ Rebuilding Patience and Endurance”

Summer Sunday School - (Jun-Jul-Aug): Series 15
“Renewing Attitudes of Praise and Thanksgiving”

For an Outline of UIM Series 12:
"Restoring Respect and Honor"
Click Here

To review Lesson One from Series 12
Click Here

Be Sure to Check Out
and Feel Free to Use
Past UIM SS Lessons

Past Lessons can also give you an excellent idea
about how UIM SS will work in your congregation.

Series 10: "God's Victory for Generations" shares Christ's victory over sin, through His suffering death and resurrection for the forgivness of our sins. Generations come to know how God's deep love compels us to love and obey Him. Then, it takes the extra step to bring others to faith so they love and obey God, also. Love and obedience to God prevents and heals the problems and trageides caused by sin, through Christ's victory over sin, death and the devil.
CLICK HERE For a complete Outline of Series 10.

CLICK HERE To Review and Use Lesson One from Series 10.

TO Request Additional Sample Lessons from Series 10
Send Us An E-Mail
Sample UIM SS Lessons are sent via e-mail as attachments.

UIM SS Series 9: "God’s Voice for Generations"Helps generations hear God's voice through His Word, so they can not only receive God's wisdom to know,
but be filled with God's power to do what is right.
CLICK HERE For a complete Outline of Series 9.

CLICK HERE To Review and Use Lesson One from Series 9.

TO Request Additional Sample Lessons from Series 9
Send Us An E-Mail
Sample UIM SS Lessons are sent via e-mail as attachments.



Series 3: “Wisom and Strength for Generations”

Uniquely designed to reunite and strengthen generations,
through the Wisdom and Power of God’s Word.
CLICK HERE For Sample Lesson and Preview of SERIES 3

Watch for UIM Summer SS
“Renewing Attitudes of Praise and Thanksgiving”
Coming Summer 2005!

TO Request Sample Lessons from any UIM SS Quarters or Series
Send Us An E-Mail
Lessons will be sent via your e-mail as attachments.
You Will Need Acrobat Reader.
ALSO E-Mail Family Crossfires, Inc.
For More information and Samples of Resources for Special Occasions:
  • SS Rally Day
  • Reformation
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Epiphany
  • Valetine's Day
  • And more....

Check out other UIM SS Series from the Past

Series 8: "God’s Truth for Generations" Offers generations God’s Truth, in a world which often ignores any absolute truth.
CLICK HERE For a complete Outline of Series 8.
CLICK HERETo Review and Use Lesson One from Series 8.

Series 6: "The Secret of Contentment for Generations"
CLICK HERE For Sample Lesson and Preview of SERIES 6

Series 5: "Building Kinder Gentle Generations"
CLICK HERE For Sample Lesson and Preview of SERIES 5

Series 4: "Building Blocks for Generations"
Helps prevent and heal problems caused by the isolation and separation of generations such as school violence and other related problems and tragedies.
CLICK HERE For Sample Lesson and Preview of SERIES 4

Series 3: SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL "Wisdom and Strength for Generations"
CLICK HERE For Sample Lesson and Preview of SERIES 3

Series Two: Based on Genesis and Exodus

SS-13-God's Creation SS-17-God's Plan SS-21-God Commands
SS-14-God's Promises SS-18-God's Call SS-22-God's Offerings
SS-15-God's Protection SS-19-God Guides SS-23-God's House
SS-16-God's People SS-20-God Provides SS-24-God's Glory
Review and Use Sample Lesson "Shelters" from Series One below.
Series One and Two follows the same format.
Series Three through Six increase interactive learning activities.

Series One: Based on the Book of Matthew

SS01- Christmas SS05-Keep From Worry SS09-Rest for Weary
SS02- Baptism SS06-Narrow Gate SS10-Sign of Jonah (Easter)
SS03-Blessed to Bless SS07-Great Faith SS11-My Family
SS04-Law is Good SS08-Shelters SS12-Feed 5000

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