Review Winter UIM SS Series 53

Supports the UIM Theme for 2014-2015
"Christian Character Building"

Series 53 Title:“Refreshing Helpfulness and Caring"

The world is growing less helpful and caring; and faith and lives are being lost because of this. That is why this UIM SS Series is so critical

It reunites and strengthens generations in faith through the wisdom and power of God’s Word to be helpful and caring. The character that emerges from faith in Christ refreshes not just helpfulness and caring but Christian helpfulness and caring blessed by God and, therefore, stronger and more lasting than any other helpfulness and caring. When Christians help and care in Jesus name and for His sake, others come to Christ for faith that helps and cares on earth and leads to eternal life in heaven. And this Christian helpfulness and caring is passed on, growing, blessing, and saving faith and lives for generations. The lessons in this Series will not only help us refresh helpfulness and caring in Jesus name, but open our eyes to the abundant blessings from God that come to us and to the world as we do.

Based On Acts 3:19-20: Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord... These verses tell us very clearly what generations need to do for times of refreshing to come from the Lord: Repent and turn to God. This series turns generations to God for forgiveness and strength of faith that produces the Christian character from which helpfulness and caring emerge. Each lesson in this series strives to refresh helpfulness and caring in us in and through faith in Christ so that we can refresh helpfulness and caring in others and the world, intentionally to bring the world to Christ.

REMEMBER! You receive more than just SS lessons in UIM SS.

  • Instructions for teaching Preschoolers together with generations or separately.
  • An Adult Bible Study with Participant's Guide for each UIM SS Lesson.
  • A memory program that includes your entire congregation in UIM SS.
  • A Pastor's page helps pastors incorporate UIM SS into Worship.

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    Supportive UIM Resources are also offered for and sometimes in each UIM SS Series.

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