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Sunday School


  • Is Breaking New Ground!
  • Transforms SS's into Caring Family Groups!
  • Is Uniquely New and, Yet, Very Much the Same.
  • Is part of a new and growing holistic approach to ministry; a deeper and more holy (Word and Sacrament) learning that flows from the constant reinforcement and repetition of God's Word(Law and Gospel).

To Learn How UIM SS is
Different From,
Yet, Still the Same as Other SS's:
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Created "by" Sunday Schools
"for" Sunday Schools!

Between 1998-1999 St. Paul Stony Hill Lutheran Church, Shawano, WI and Zion Lutheran Church, Gresham, WI began to create and have been blessed by UIM SS.

NOW, they are inviting you
to join them!

Offer Sunday School Every
Generation Can Enjoy,
As They Receive Strength
for their Faith and Lives!

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Do you waste
Sunday School Materials
during December
Christmas Practices?

Order UIM SS for January-February ONLY

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Every year, "Create Caring Congregations" or CCC, which transforms congregations into "one caring family of God" is offered along with UIM SS.

To Review our Current UIM SS Series read this column below:

BELOW: Review WINTER UIM SS Series 49

“Building Kinder, Gentler Generations"

This Winter Series is a spiritual journey from darkness to the light of forgiveness and salvation, each step strengthening those who attend in faith to help them be more kind and gentle like Jesus, specifically to help build kindness and gentleness in a too often unkind and far from gentle world. The journey begins at the manger, preparing for Christ at Christmas and every day of life. The journey goes on every week led by Jesus, Himself, who strengthens generations along the way through His amazing Love, Spirit, and the Living Water that springs up into eternal life. This series draws to a close with a challenge not only to do what Jesus would do but to think like Jesus thinks, and in a final lesson addresses the very serious problem of bullying with God’s word and power to “turn the other cheek” to help build kinder, gentler generations.

Based On Two Verses:

  • Have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus. Philippians 2:5
  • Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Colossians 3:12

    REMEMBER! You receive more than just SS lessons in UIM SS.

  • A memory program that includes your entire congregation in UIM SS.
  • A Pastor's page helps pastors incorporate UIM SS into Worship.
  • An Adult Bible Study with Participant's Guide for each UIM SS Lesson.
  • Instructions for teaching Preschoolers together with generations or separately.
  • Each Series includes UIM Worship Services to complement corresponding UIM SS Lessons.

    Come Back to Review

  • Publicity

  • Objectives, Bible Stories, and Scripture

    If you would like to review the
    Participant's Guide
    and/ or Family Group Helper's Guide
    feel free to e-mail and request them at:

  • ALL NEW Line-up for Nine(9) Years of UIM SS Series!

    We want you to know that there are a wealth of valuable, future UIM SS Series.
    However, please note that only resources for the current UIM year can be ordered.

    ALSO! Check to see if your congregation already has any Series not marked NEW.
    All former Series have been updated and if ordered before 2009 do not contain
    Adult Bible Studies or Worship Services that complement Lessons, Pastor's Page and more.

    2013-2014: "Binding Generations Together in and through God’s Love"- Lectionary Series C-A
    2014-2015: "Christian Character Building" - Lectionary Series A-B
    2015-2016: "Building Healthy Christian Generations, Body and Soul" - Lectionary Series B-C
    2016-2017: "Bringing God’s Order to Generations of Chaos" - Lectionary Series C-A
    2017-2018: "Welcome All God's Children" - Lectionary A-B
    NEW! 2018-2019:"Sacrifice: Give as God Has Given to Us" - Lectionary B-C
    NEW!2019-2020 "Servanthood: Serving God in Word and Deed" - Lectionary C-A
    NEW! 2020-2021: "Bringing Christ Back" - Lectionary A-B - Lectionary Series A-B
    2021-2022: "Holding All God Has Created Sacred" - Lectionary Series B-C

    Is UIM SS Just Like Other Sunday Schools?

    "Yes" and "No". UIM SS offers Bible Stories, memorization, application activities, teachable crafts, and take homes, just like other SS programs. However.....UIM SS also offers SO MUCH MORE!


    Each UIM Year four (4)UIM SS Series offer UIM Resources that support each other under the same weekly Scripture and yearly Theme:


    • You can have the same or different Leaders every week
    • Materials are reproducible. Copy only what you need each week.
    • One Participant Guide fits all!
    • Each Lesson offers Adult Bible Study with Adult Participant's Guide.
    • Teach Preschoolers together with family groups or separately - instructions for both.
    • Get your entire congregation involved in memorizing God's Word for strength of faith in their lives.

    How Does UIM SS Work?

    How do younger and older all learn together? UIM SS lessons are designed for every generation to learn as much as they are able to comprehend. This means that, in the same lesson, younger generations learn the basics. Older generations are helped to look and think deeper, through readings, questions and activities. As the older learn by answering questions, the younger learn by hearing the answers. UIM SS lessons are simple, for even the youngest to comprehend, yet, contain the ingredients to teach complex Christian principles, which are comprehended according to age and ability

    How do we keep all ages interested? Caring for one another is a major part of UIM SS, and as members care for each other, ( help with activities, reading, crafts, handing out, picking up, even cleaning up), they are kept busy. Also, those who seem disinterested, are asked to repeat answers, if they are younger, or to answer more questions, if they are older. All ages are kept busy through constant activities . UIM SS moves quickly from one activity to the next, specifically to hold the interest of those who need constant stimulation.

    AND, THERE IS MORE : In UIM SS, when one generation shares their faith, other generations grow in faith. A great deal of faith and life mentoring can happen, through sharing during lessons, and in the caring atmosphere UIM SS provides. Often learning is so simple, it is not evident. Generations inspire generations to attend by simply showing up every Sunday. Generations who participate, even in the smallest way, inspire other generations to participate, and by participating, all grow in knowledge and faith. And, those who attend are taught how to pass on what they learn, from generation to generation. UIM SS is a gift that never stops giving!

    LAST, BUT BY NO MEANS LEAST: The child-like quality of UIM SS is intentional. In Matthew 18:3 our Lord tells us we must become like little children (trusting, open-minded and receptive). In Matthew 11:25 we read that God hides from the wise, what He reveals to little children. UIM SS helps generations become, like little children, in their faith and lives, so that they can understand what God is saying, and receive more fully, what God offers, in and through His Word.

    How exactly are deeper Christian faith and life concepts taught? Each UIM SS Series concentrates on one issue that is current, and can be applied to society and generations. The wisdom and power of God's Word are used to address each issue, in and through faith in Christ. Basically, generations learn, over and over again, for 13 weeks, how to address this issue, using God's Word, Sacraments and Prayer. This continuing process helps them improve their own faith and lives, and equips and encourages them to reach out to improve the faith and lives of others, in their families, congregations, communities, and potentially in the world, for generations. Ultimately, this process reunites and strengthens generations in faith, to handle, prevent, and heal problems and tragedies.

    Doesn't teaching the same basic principle get boring for some? UIM SS, and all SS's. share the same message every week, in different ways. God's message doesn't change. And, so, yes it can seem boring, or at least like it has been heard before. Sadly, many do not attend UIM SS every week, and so it takes them 13 weeks, and even longer, to learn one principle. Some do begin to repeat the principle being taught, and may act like or even tell you they already know it. This is exciting, and positive! Learning has taken place, and no one even had to study hard. It came naturally, through repetition. That is the wonderful part about UIM SS. Generations are learning without realizing it. Leaders can compliment such learning, and help those who feel bored, or as if they already know things, to see that they have learned them, through repetition, or without their even knowing it. Then encourage those who know to teach others, because that is what UIM SS is all about.

    There are several ways to offer UIM SS:

    • Offer every week. • Offer once a month.

    • Offer for one or more months a year. • Offer for one quarter, or more a year.

    UIM SS can be taught to any size SS:

    • One room (1 or more family groups) • Large Group (Gym/Fellowship Hall) • Multiple Classrooms

    To Find Out How To Adapt UIM SS to Any Size of Sunday School Situation Click Here

    To Review The Basic Guidelines of UIM SS Click Here

    To Find Out How To Invite and Use Adults and Teens Click Here

    To Find Out More About Family Groups Click Here

    To Find Out More About CraftsClick Here

    To Find Out How To Begin UIM SS Click Here

    When you order one UIM SS Series or Quarter You Receive:
    15 lessons( other SS curriculums offer only 13). The 2 extra lessons are seasonal for Thanksgiving, Epiphany, etc. or uncommon Bible Stories not covered by other SS curriculums.
    PLUS! 3 UIM Worship Services compliment the 2 special lessons + one other lesson in each UIM SS Series.

      You also receive one Leader's Guide which Includes:
    • An Introduction to UIM
    • An Introduction to UIM SS
    • How to Begin UIM SS
    • A complete Publicity Packet: Permission to use the logo for posters, post cards, etc., Bulletin Announcements, Newsletter Article, and Press Release, even how to give a radio interview.
    • How To Adapt UIM SS to small groups, large group, and muliti-classrooms.
    • All About UIM Family Groups.
    • How to help older mentor younger.
    • How to encourage adult and teen attendance.
    • UIM SS Teaching Methods and Techniques.
    • More Ideas for Including Every Generation and situation: blind, deaf, autistic, etc.
    • Help With Behavior Problems.
    • When You Need to Teach Preschool and Adult UIM SS Separately.
    • How to Include Babies and Toddlers.
    • A Memory Work Program, which includes congregations in learning passages, reviewing stories, and discussion at home.
    • How to include UIM SS Scripture and Songs in Worship every week, for a holistic approach to ministry.
    • How To Make God's Word a Priority, and give Strength to Faith and Lives, for Generations.
    • How to Teach Generations to Pray.
    • More About UIM Teachable Crafts (Craft instructions come separately with each lesson)
    • A list of Lesson Titles, Bible Stories, Bible Words, and Objectives for Each Lesson.
    • A list of Supporting UIM Resources, for the current year.
    • Instructions for each lesson part:
      • Opening Song: introduces the principle taught in the lesson.
      • Opening Activity: prepares generations to work and learn together.
      • God’s Word For Us Today: Teaches weekly passage, through repetition
      • God's Word Application:Creates better understanding of weekly passage.
      • Interactive Litany: requests God’s help to do what is learned.
      • Interactive Bible story: teaches the Bible Story and principle of the lesson.
      • Bible Story Application: applies Bible Story and lesson to faith and life.
      • Teachable Craft: helps generations work, play, and review lesson principle.
      • Closing Prayer: Reviews what the lesson teaches.
      • Take Home Activity: helps generations take home and practice what they learn..
    • One Reproducible Family Group Helper's Guide: to help leaders of small family groups.
    • One Reproducible Participant's Guide.
    • One Reproducible Adult Bible Study Leader's Guide, along with one UIM Adult Bible Study Participant's Guide.
    Each UIM SS Lesson in this Series stands strongly on it’s own.
    That means it can be presented with or without the other Lessons.


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