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A Response to:
"Dealing With Homosexuality" Interest Center

We sincerely apologize to everyone who attended ďDealing With HomosexualityĒ, but did not receive the information and help they desired, and in some cases critically needed. We have been presenters for over 20 years, and while Satan has reared his ugly head many times, he has never directly attacked a presentation. We thank God for the Christians present who helped to defeat him in the first Interest Center.

The second Interest Center was presented without interference because the devil was defeated. One response to the boy scouts not allowing homosexual leaders, given in the second Interest Center, could have been misunderstood and is therefore repeated at the end of this response.

For those in the first or second Interest Center, left in complete confusion or painful misunderstanding, we thank God for the opportunity to give this response via the world-wide web.

The predominant question or concern, which would not allow this first Interest Center to be presented, was over the salvation of people fighting against feelings or involved in the practice of homosexuality.

HOWEVER: Homosexual and heterosexual people who choose to live in sinful rebellion against God and His Word (they do not believe God's Word, or they change it to justify their sin), separate themselves from Godís grace, forgiveness and salvation.

Which homosexual people will not be saved? Homosexual people, who through sinful rebellion choose to separated themselves from Godís grace, forgiveness and salvation by continuing the practice of homosexuality or lesbianism in thought, word or deed.

Do not be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral...nor the homosexual offender... will enter the kingdom of God.I Corinthians 6:9-10

Once again we need to express our appreciation for those who shared their faith and Godís Word in this Interest Center. While this Interest Center was chaotic,confusing and even frightening, we were eye-witnesses of the power God's Word has over Satan. Also, we do not believe that the clear and precise explanation above would have been given if the questions and concerns expressed in this Interest Center had not been so passionate or dangerously confusing and misunderstood.

In the second Interest Center a concern was raised about whether the Boy's Scouts did what was right by not allowing homosexuals to be boy scout leaders.

Participants of this Interest Center were asked to answer these two questions to help them make a determination as to the right or wrong of the boy scouts rule to exclude homosexuals from their leadership. The right or wrong of this issue was not determined in this Interest Center and will not be determined on this Web Site.

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