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How do people become homosexual? There are contributing factors, but the truth is no one knows for certain.

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Are people created (genetically predisposed) to be homosexual? People are created in sin and one sin is homosexuality. The fact that homosexuality may be genetic in some people does not make it right. It remains a forgivable sin.

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How do people know they are homosexual? They don't. Initially they are confused, questioning, searching, even guessing. Later they are experimenting and in the end they get caught up in sin!

Can people change their homosexual feelings? No, but God can, if He so desires. I Cor 6:11 speaks about the homosexual offender, then concludes with the encouraging words:” And that is what some of you were...but you were justified....”, leaving little doubt that change is possible, and that it comes to us from God, through Christ.

However, sometimes God gives us crosses to bear to strengthen us and even to train us help others. Certainly we can and should ask for God’s spiritual help and strength to change homosexual feelings, study His Word for guidance to escape and lean on God’s people for support to avoid sin and temptation. Psychologically, counseling for escape can include such methods as a search for and fulfilling unmet needs which contribute to homosexual feelings, concentration on pure thoughts and working to recall long forgotten heterosexual feelings. All of these can all help people change homosexual feelings. Still, like Paul, God may say: “My grace is sufficient...” 2 Corinthians 12:9.

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Is homosexuality a sin? Only when it is acted upon, practiced, part of sinful rebellion against God and His Word or desired.

Is homosexual sin forgivable? It is forgiven when it is confessed (I John 1:9). However, it is a sexual sin and therefore more harmful because it is a sin against our own body (I Cor. 6:18). When it is not forgiven, it separates from God, from healing and from salvation. While It is a forgivable sin, it is a serious and more harmful sin to our bodies than other sins which are not committed against our own bodies.

How can we love the sinner and hate the sin? Love does not tolerate sin. It seeks to restore the sinner out of love by speaking the truth about sin in love: the practice of homosexuality, in thought, word, or deed, is sin. Unconfessed and unforgiven, sin separates from God, from healing and from salvation.

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Should schools be allowed to teach students about homosexuality? Schools need to stand up against violence and hatred which hurts or harms homosexual and heterosexuals. Programs which teach character and respect for all people, just as God commands are more beneficial. They include and help more people. They prevent and heal more problems.

What's wrong with homosexual sex if it is done out of love and commitment to one person? Homosexual sex can never touch or fill your soul, because it is sin and sin separates us from every good thing God provides sexually and otherwise.

Is homosexuality a choice? Homosexuality is a feeling. We cannot choose what we feel, we can choose what to do with the feelings we have. The choices we make lead us in to or out of homosexuality.

Is homosexuality an illness? Not unless it is caused by a physiological problem. It's a temptation. The harder we persevere against it, the easier it is to overcome.

Are homosexual people more likely to sexually abuse children? Sadly, some people become homosexual because they were abused. Those who have been abused, are more likely to abuse both in the homosexual and heterosexual community. This is one more critical reason we need to prevent and heal abuse and homosexuality.

Can a homosexual person be a Christian? There are many Christians struggling against homosexual feelings.

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Do homosexuals have to be celibate? Paul recognizes celibacy as a legitimate, in some cases better lifestyle, but, if you cannot be celibate and to avoid sexual immorality, than men and women should be married (I Corinthians. 7:2). When homosexual feelings do not allow for celibacy or opposite sex marriage then forgiveness, in and through God's grace, becomes vital to receive God’s help and strength to persevere against homosexual sin and temptation.

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Why are people so afraid of homosexuality? They may have homosexual feelings or fear becoming homosexual. They may believe homosexuality is evil and, therefore, to be avoided at all costs. Along with hating the sin, they hate the sinner. They have never been taught how to love the person and hate the sin.

What if we can't love the sinner, unless we accept the sin? God's Word warns: restore the sinner gently, but watch so you do not fall into temptation (Gal.6:1 ). Don't try to help unless you KNOW THE TRUTH and are strong enough to speak it and enforce what you say with your actions and life.

Do homosexuals recruit converts? Sadly, they do not have to. People come to them for love. That's why spreading and sharing God's love is so important - it eliminates the need for homosexual love (sex).

If I minister to a homosexual person, will I become one? You cannot catch homosexuality like a virus. Galatians 6:1 cautions us to watch ourselves when we are involved in restoring a sinner, so that we are not also tempted by the sin. If you are afraid of, or find yourself falling into temptation, then you must flee. Find someone else to minister to the person you are trying to help.

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Can people with homosexual feelings be saved?

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Did the Boy's Scouts do what was right by not allowing homosexuals to be boy scout leaders? Answers to the two questions below will determine the answer to this question.

(1) Did the Boy Scouts make this determination or rule because they hate homosexuals?

(2) Did the Boy Scouts make this determination or rule because they want to make a statement of faith against the sin or practice of homosexuality?

Resources and Web Sites Recommended by Family Crossfires, Inc.

CLICK HERE to view "A Plan for Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families"
Published by the LC-MS Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families.

Keys Ministries was begun by individuals within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. It approaches homosexuality from a uniquely Lutheran perspective. It offers resources to pastors and churches wishing to assist homosexual members. This ministry is for members who wish to indicate their openness to listening to homosexuals and helping them overcome their problem in a Christian and loving manner. Family Crossfires, Inc.highly endorses this program.

E-Mail Keys Ministries E-mail

DISCLAIMER: Family Crossfires, Inc. cannot endorse or recommend the resources or ministries on the web sites below. Those who use the resources and ministries on these web sites must fulfill their responsibilty to examine them carefully and prayerfully before using the help they offer.

To Find Research on Homosexuality.
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Many Ministries are Available to Help in Homosexual healing.

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Follow the directions given on this Web Site to locate help in your area.

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