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Homosexuality stikes every generation for an enormous variety of reasons. Family Crossfires, Inc.Ministries resources build God's love in congregations and homes through the knowledge and power of God's Word. God's love prevents and heals homosexuality.

Resources to Help Prevent and Heal Homosexuality

However, because of the tremendous need for help and healing of homosexuality Family Crossfires must refer generations who need help and healing to addtional ministries and resources specifically designed and equipped to help and heal homosexuality. To contact a ministry or obtain resources to help yourself or someone you know and love with the struggle against homosexuality visit the web sites below.

Resources and Web Sites Recommended by Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries

CLICK HERE to view "A Plan for Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families"
Published by the LC-MS Task Force on Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families.
Scroll down to Ministry to Homosexuals and Their Families

Keys Ministries was begun by individuals within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. It approaches homosexuality from a uniquely Lutheran perspective. It offers resources to pastors and churches wishing to assist homosexual members. This ministry is for members who wish to indicate their openness to listening to homosexuals and helping them overcome their problem in a Christian and loving manner. Family Crossfires, Inc.highly endorses this program.

E-Mail Keys Ministries E-mail

DISCLAIMER: Family Crossfires, Inc. cannot endorse or recommend the resources or ministries on the web sites below. Those who use the resources and ministries on these web sites must fulfill their responsibilty to examine them carefully and prayerfully before using the help they offer.

To Research Homosexuality.
Do a search for "homosexuality" from Focus on the Family Home Page

Many Ministries are Available to Help in Homosexual healing.

CLICK HERE to view Exodus International Home Page.
Follow the directions given on this Web Site to locate help in your area.

CLICK HERE to view Desert Stream Home Page.
Follow the directions given on this Web Site to find help.

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