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It is important to understand that these are contributing factors to the onset of homosexuality. The cause of homosexuality has never been determined. Also, remember that their are other contributing factors besides the ones listed on this web page. The factors listed on this web page are the most common.

Melancholia is a type of personality.
It is present in persons with heterosexual and homosexual orientations. It is predominant in people with homosexual orientations. People with this type of personality are sensitive and loving, but also overly sensitive and in need of huge amounts of love. Consequently they are drawn to homosexual people who have the same personality because they provide them with the sensitivity and love they crave. This personality and the homosexual orientation feed on each other and thrive because of each other.

Sexual Identity Confusion
Many people experience sexual identity confusion normally as they mature or when unresolved childhood issues attack them as adults. A person confused about their sexual identity and then exposed to homosexual behavior or practice, can become involved with the people and practice, even if they have never had previous homosexual feelings or been involved in this practice. They are in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in their confusion, they make choices which lead them into homosexuality.

Premature Sex
Teenagers who become involved in sexual activity before they are ready can believe that because they do not enjoy sex or they find sex disgusting with the opposite sex, that they must be homosexual.The truth is, they simply are not ready for sex. This is an excellent reason for teens to wait to have sex until they are mature and comfortable with their sexual identity.

The homosexual sexual activity, lifestyle and sensitivity are extremely addictive. The sex act is often described as more pleasurable than heterosexual sex. Homosexuals are often single so they can spend their money on parties, gifts and a luxurious lifestyle. They have time for people and are in general extremely caring people, sensitive to the needs of others. People can become involved with homosexuality simply to be near people who truly care about them and are willing to help them. They become addicted to the pleasurable sex, luxurious lifestyle and/or having their needs met, before they realize what happened.


Sexual Abuse: People who are sexually abused often become confused about their sexual identity which can cause them to make choices which lead them into homosexuality.

Physical and Sexual Abuse beats it's victims into worthlessness and helplessness. It strips it's victims of all love and respect. In their degraded and desperate state victims use homosexual sensitivity and caring to escape the effects of abuse: loss of love for God, self and others. Tragically, sexual abuse damages the mind and body of itís victims in ways that can lead them into homosexuality, which damages their soul. They become caught in a downward spiral of bad feelings about themselves. Even if they know homosexual sexual acts are wrong, it doesn't matter, because they believe they no longer matter.

Lack of Love
There are many reasons people lack love. Some have a sensitive personality that is easily hurt and therefore feels unloved more quickly and deeply than others. These people are in need of more love than can sometimes be given by exceptionally loving and caring family and friends. There are those who did not receive love as children from their parents or from others who could replace or supplement parental love. Some were rejected or abused and are therefore in desperate need of love which can send people sailing into homosexuality.

Genetic Makeup
Some researchers presently believe that homosexuality is determined by a person's genetic makeup from birth. Since we are born in sin (Psalm 51:5), this may be true. This does not make the practice of homosexuality right. Many people are born with a genetic predisposition for alcoholism, gambling and a variety of other conditions we try to help them overcome for their own good and the good of society and the world.

Chemical Imbalance
A chemical imbalance can cause numerous physical, psychological, spiritual and sexual problems. Scientists are working on ways to restore chemical balance for individuals suffering because of imbalance. We pray that some day they will be able to restore any chemical imbalance which may cause homosexual feelings and sexual desires.

People become involved in various degrees of homosexuality. The more deeply they are involved, the more difficult will be their escape. Only God can determine who will escape completely, but He will also provide the grace necessary to persevere until we can all live together with Him in heaven, free of the pain and struggles of sinful earthly life.

As previously stated, there are many more factors which contribute to the onset of homosexuality. For additional information and research go to FOCUS ON THE FAMILY Home Page and perform a search on "Homosexuality".

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