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PART 1 - Skit: "Getting Help"

Reader 1:	"Jackie needs help. She has an eating disorder."
Reader 2:	"We can't help her."

Reader 1:	"We are her friends. We have to help her."

Reader 2:	"We can't help her."

Reader 1:	"Now, you're acting just as crazy as Jackie."

Reader 2:	"That is exactly why we can't help her."

Reader 1:	"Because she's crazy?"

Reader 2:	"No. Because YOU think shes crazy."

Reader 1:	"What are you talking about?" 

Reader 2:	"Jackie is not crazy. She has an illness."

Reader 1:	"I know that."

Reader 2:	"Do you?"

Reader 1:	"I know she needs help."

Reader 2:	"Yes, she does. She needs more help than we can give her."

Reader 1:	"Well, we have to do something."

Reader 2:	"We have to tell someone who can help her."

Reader 1 and 2 in unison ask the Large Group:  "Who should we tell?"

SMALL GROUPS DISCUSS WHO TO TELL.......HOW TO HELP....... The answers varied from: parents to peers(who would find someone to tell), to school counselors, teachers, pastors, youth counselors, etc. to actually contacting and going with people struggling with eating disorders to the first or first few counseling sessons.

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