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How Family and Friends can help Professionals

- support counseling and medications. Itís hard to seek out and attend counseling. You can help people understand how important counseling is and that you totally accept and encourage counseling. Help them find counseling. Even offer to attend the first or a few counseling sessions with them. Explain that God created the medications to help them.

- encourage, and yes, even eat nutritious foods which professionals use to help heal the body. Never tell people with eating disorders that they can skip a nutritious food they need just once, because they canít. One slip could set them back weeks in their healing process.

- understand how important frequent small meals are to avoid surges of blood glucose which provide a massive outpouring of insulin resulting in increased cravings for food, especially sweets, later. Cravings cause people with eating disorders to binge and purge or starve themselves.

- realize that some things may seem strange or unnecessary, like traveling around with a cup of trail mix and nibbling on it all day long. Believe that these things are absolutely necessary and extremely helpful in the healthy healing of people struggling against eating disorders.

-discourage any kind of diet. Learn more about the body weight set point. This theory concludes that when we eat healthy our body will take control and keep us at the weight that is right and healthy for us. When a wide choice of foods is available our appetite center can select a constant amount of calories, and in complex unknown ways, select a reasonably well-balanced diet.

ALSO: Eating disorders may be an unconscious attempt to seek out some missing element that the body craves: iron, minerals, etc. So, request tests for any deficiencies you may suspect and always request that serum electrolyte levels be measured: The deficiency of sodium, magnesium, calcium, and especially potassium salts by the anorexic's poor diet can cause electrical defects in the heart that can led to a weak heart. Also request an electrocardiogram (ECG) to detect a weakened heart or a cardiac arrest not far away.

Along with helping to support professionals in their endeavorto heal the BODY,
Christians can help in the extremely critical process of healing the SOUL.
(Provide Food for the Soul).

Here's how...

- Stay Close to God and He will Come Close to You, and He will help You. Read, hear, study and inwardly digest Godís Word. That means picking up the Bible and reading it cover to cover and over again. In Godís Word you will find the wisdom and the strength to help people struggling against eating disorders. Attend Church, Bible Study, seek out the fellowship of Christians, listen to Christian tapes and CD's,etc. In short, do everything possible to strengthen your own faith so that you can help strengthen those who struggle against eating disorders.

- Be ready to battle and destroy the problem, not the person.God, through His Word will help you form a clear line in your mind between the person and the problem. The person is created by God, loved by God, and of great value and worth. The problem is something to fight against (sin).

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