Family Crossfires Intergenerational Ministry

Family Crossfires, Inc. Ministries

Reuniting and Strengthening
Generations in Faith Through

United Intergenerational
Ministry Resources

UIM Resources, through the wisdom and power of God's Word, strengthen generations in faith to handle, prevent, and heal the problems and tragedies.

Every Problem and Tragedy
Finds Its Solution in Christ.

Family Breakdown + Moral Decline + Hatred + Anger, etc. Violence + Abuse + Suicide + School bullying resulting in shootings, etc.

Truly successful gun-control
requires God-control.

Working within but not limited to the LCMS

Return to Times of "Faith and Family", with all the love and support this atmosphere offers.

Then, by the strength of faith Christ gives through God's Holy Spirit move ahead to all that is new!

New Purpose!
New Vision!
New Outreach!
New Approach to Ministry!!

PLUS! Valuable, High Quality UIM Resources are offered FOR A DONATION to help make them affordable for every congregation.

Order Policy

UIM Resources were originally offered FREE, a donation was requested to help supply UIM Resources to others. While orders increased dramatically, donations were not forthcoming. Funds were depleted. To save this ministry we now must request donations with orders. We quickly saw that this policy saves us from paying an entire bookkeeping department. This savings, along with a dedicated staff of volunteers,allow us to continue to offer UIM Resources for a donation. Therefore, we do not apologize for our order policy, but we do wish to express our gratitude to you for sending your donation with your order.

You and Your congregation can become involved in this "groundbreaking" faith and life strengthening ministry for generations by:

(1) offering a wealth of UIM Resources described for you on this website.
(2)sending a donation to this ministry so that we can provide UIM Resources.

Thank You and God Bless you for sending a donation or your order with a donation to:
Family Crossfires, Inc.Ministries
N6662 East Street
Shawano, WI 54166-1667

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UIM Resources

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UIM Resources equip congregations to draw people to Christ by responding to their needs.
People Attend Congregations who meet their needs!

  • All UIM Resources for each year support and reinforce each other through the same yearly theme and weekly Scripture (3 Year Series). This holistic approach provides deeper more holy learning and helps to assure that what is "taught" is "caught."

  • All UIM Resources lead to Christ for faith that saves in heaven and helps generations through struggles on earth. Because this approach helps to save both eternal and earthly lives, UIM is being called "ministry on top of ministry" or "Life and Soul Saving Ministry."
  • You Will Not Find This Type of Ministry and Resources Anywhere Else!

    UIM Resources are Reproducible and Reuseable.GO GREEN!

    UIM SS transforms Sunday Schools into caring family groups who support and help one another.

    UIM Worship is designed to "intentionally" include ALL GENERATIONS. Repetition helps children participate and feel worship is for them. Repetition also helps older folks who cannot see well participate in worship, some for the first time in many years!

    UIM Newsletter Articles reach out to help every generation
    UIM Bulletin Inserts address issues generations face today.
    Together these Articles and Inserts help congregations care for one another, and let hurting members sitting silently in their pew know their congregation cares for them.

    UIM VBS was one of the first "group" VBS programs available. Groups were "caring intergenerational family groups" and today UIM VBS continues to work intentionally to help generations care for one another.


    There Will Be Nine(9) Years of UIM Resources!

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